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Hobart HL662: The Production Powerhouse

  • Capacity Optimized for High-Volume Pizza Operations: The 60-quart bowl consistently delivers the dough output needed for busy pizzerias.
  • PLUS System for Demanding Doughs: VFDadvantage technology maintains torque, ensuring proper mixing even with heavy pizza doughs. Maximum Capacity Overheat Protection safeguards the motor during extended use.
  • Two Fixed Speeds for Pizza Perfection: Optimized speeds ensure ideal dough development and gluten structure for superior pizza crusts.
  • SmartTimer for Batch Consistency: Take the guesswork out of mixing times and guarantee consistent results across every batch.
  • Effortless Operation: Power bowl lift and #12 taper hub streamline workflows with easy bowl handling and attachment changes.
  • Hobart Legacy of Durability: Built with Hobart's renowned heavy-duty construction for reliability under demanding pizza production schedules.

Key Advantages over Competing Models:

  • PLUS System's focus on heavy dough handling: Confidently tackle thick, low-hydration pizza dough recipes that can strain other mixers.
  • Fixed speeds dedicated to pizza: Eliminate the need for speed adjustments, simplifying operation for staff training.
  • SmartTimer with Automatic Recall: Ideal for high-volume settings where every second counts in the production flow.
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