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Exotic South American Ecuadorian teak wood is sold either 9' or 12' long. Both sizes are 1" thick. The 9' container includes 8,000 pieces and  12' container includes 3,500 pieces.  Please let us know if you require the "Heart of the Tree" which is known as the most exotic teak wood available. Because we own the plantations, we can save you tens of thousands on large purchases. We can also break up select containers If your firm requires project-sized quantities. 

The teak wood is either brown or can have an orange color depending on the location of the tree cut. Our Teak wood can be cut tongue and grove for indoor flooring or cut for outdoor plank flooring for use on an exterior deck or home extension.  Other uses for teak wood include beautiful ornate beams, shutters, siding, doors, furniture, or accent pieces.  All wood is Kiln dried (oven-vacuum)(not air-dried) which ensures the color and beauty of the wood and is certified through the Department of Agriculture prior to arrival in the United States. 

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