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The 1-Door Pass Through Refrigerator is a powerful and reliable refrigeration unit, specially crafted to optimize workflow and enhance efficiency in busy kitchen environments. This refrigerator offers seamless access from both sides, allowing for easy...


Our Under-counter Refrigerator is a sleek and practical addition to any kitchen or commercial setting. Designed to fit seamlessly under countertops, this refrigerator optimizes space while providing ample storage capacity for your perishables and beverages.


Introducing the Under-Counter Bar 2-Door Refrigerator - 39, the ultimate cooling solution for your bar, restaurant, or hospitality establishment. This sleek and space-efficient refrigerator is designed to fit seamlessly under your counter, offering quick and...


3 Door TRUE Refrigerator was removed from big box store. This unit was removed and upgraded to a newer model and type as part of normal asset management depreciation schedule.  


The True 2-Door GDM-49 Commercial Refrigerator is a versatile and reliable refrigerator that is perfect for any commercial kitchen. It has a large capacity of 49 cubic feet, so it can store plenty of food...


2 Door TRUE Freezer was removed from a big box store. This unit was removed and upgraded to a newer model and type as part of the normal asset management depreciation schedule at this store.    


  2 Door TRUE Refrigerator was removed from big box store and fully reconditioned. 


Refrigeration Services.


The refrigerator is designed to provide you with efficient and reliable cooling performance, ensuring your food stays fresh and at the ideal temperature for extended periods. With its technology and thoughtful design, this refrigerator brings convenience...


Perlick BS84 BLACK Details Designed for high-volume bars, the Perlick HC48RS4 48" black two-door under-counter refrigerator is the perfect storage solution for bottles and cans. It's also great for refrigerating lime wedges, celery stalks, pineapples, and other...


The Perlick 3-Door Under-counter Bar Refrigerator is the ultimate cooling solution for your bar or entertainment area. Designed with a blend of style and functionality, this under-counter refrigerator offers ample space and precise cooling to...


The Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer - 34 is the perfect combination of cooling power and convenience, catering to the needs of professional kitchens, restaurants, and commercial establishments. Its thoughtful design and performance-driven features make it...

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